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One Tiny Leap is a family travel blog about a family who lived in Lisbon for a few years before spending a year on a round the world adventure through the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. I (Maria) am the mother of the family, and I travel with my 5 year old and Rob who tags along too!

One Tiny Leap Family Travel BlogWe know how incredibly lucky we are to be able to take on a dream year-long trip through some of the world’s most beautiful places, meet different (and wonderful) people, and learn about how others lead their everyday lives. As we go along this very long, winding road, we try to share our adventures with a different perspective, and hopefully interesting photography.

Through our experiences, I would love to be able to dispel the myth that having children makes traveling impossible, and hopefully inspire families to get out of the comfort zone and go explore the world around them, even if it’s the woods/beach/mountain near where they live.

In the blog we will share our thoughts, anecdotes, collections and recollections – and sincerely hope you would like to join us as we learn the ropes of parenting on the move.

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  • What an amazing experience!! x

  • Helena Mauricio

    Hi Maria! I love your website! It is very helpful! Thanks for all the great info and tips! We are planning a family trip to Portugal this June and are going to rent a car there for the three weeks we are visiting. Can you tell me what the law enforces in Portugal in regards to car seats for children. I read that children under 12 years of age must be in a car seat or booster seat. We are travelling with a 22 month old (10 kg), a 4 year old (19 kg) and an 8 year old (28 kg). Which types of seats would we need? And are these available to rent with the rental cars?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Helena, I’m so sorry I have just seen this – I hope I’m in time to help! Portugal has the same car seat laws as in the EU, so all children up to 12 have to use a car seat. I think a stage one for your toddler, and a bumper seat for the older children will be fine and should be easy to get. You should be able to get them from the rental companies but it’s so much more expensive than buying it yourself, especially the bumper seats. You can buy the in Lisbon quite easily if you prefer to fly without, or perhaps buy them on Amazon and get them delivered to your hotel? Feel free to email me if you have any questions 🙂