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Brighton Escape Room: Handmade Mysteries Review

Brighton Escape Room: Handmade Mysteries Review

A few weeks ago, I was invited to review one of Brighton’s Escape Rooms – the Handmade Mysteries Escape Room which is held at the fantastic World’s End pub. I immediately said yes as I had never done it before despite always wanting to, and I’m so glad I did it! I invited some friends to come along to make up our team of six – perfect to decipher its many riddles and puzzles.

We booked our session for 9pm (they have earlier ones too, at 6pm & 7.30pm) and put our thinking brains together to solve Lady Chastity’s Reserve. Our escape room was held in The World’s End in Brighton, one of my favourite pubs, which has a full floor dedicated to games, an indoor kart circuit and VR booths – the perfect location for a full night of fun.

After a glass of G&T to build up our courage we headed to the room, where our host Gabriel was meeting us…She led us through to the room, where the rules were explained (no photos – sorry!) and the wheels for our mystery set in motion. We had one hour, and three helps from Gabriel, if we needed them.

The room had a variety of riddles and puzzles which unlocked the next as we went along – it was fairly dark, so there was much giggling and unexpected frights along the way. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so I won’t fully describe the experience, but I’ll just say that through sheer genius (or Gabriel’s help!) we managed to solve the whole puzzle with one minute to spare, which won us a bottle of Lady Chastity’s Reserve’s best – one clue, the puzzle is about the wine! The hosts were fantastic and really made the experience for us through endless puns.

I can now say that after this experience I am now well and truly hooked on Escape Rooms, and have already booked my next! So if you’re looking for an unusual night out in Brighton I am very happy to recommend Handmade Mysteries. They also have an Escape Room at the Walrus, if you fancy staying closer to the beach, and various locations in London.

If you have any questions about the Handmade Mysteries Escape room feel free to email me or leave me a comment below!

nb: I was invited to experience the Handmade Mysteries Escape room, but as always opinions are my own.

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