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Brighton Pizza with Kids: Top Notch Summer Pizza at Ask Italian

Brighton Pizza with Kids: Top Notch Summer Pizza at Ask Italian
Ad - We were invited to review Ask Itallian's Summer menu, but as always opinions are my own.

I was recently invited to visit Brighton’s Ask Italian‘s branch in the quaint South Lanes to try out their refreshed summer menu, which had a strong emphasis in getting kids to get excited about and eat their veg.

It had been a few years since my last visit, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautifully designed restaurant, with a gorgeous garden area and a really friendly atmosphere – perfect for a family lunch.

We were sat near the bar and garden area, in a bright and spacious room, surrounded by other families with kids of all ages. We were handed the kids summer menu, which had a brilliant variety of options for all tastes, from picky to more adventurous foodies and lots of fun activities to entertain little ones – which was handful when we spotted the summer cocktail menu!

We were offered a small glass of home made lemonade before ordering our starters, which I thought was a lovely touch – it’s the little things that make all the difference!

The extensive summer cocktail list was tempting, so the grown-ups made the most of it with a G&T and a tropical mojito. Our seven year old opted for his trusty margarita, while I enjoyed a delicious summer fish creamy soup with mussels and clams, while the little one opted for some veg sticks and salsa which got a big thumbs up from our tomato-suspicious child.

When it came to choose our main, our seven year old opted for his trusty margarita pizza, whilst I had a beautiful carbonara with asparagus and Rob had his plate full with a mighty calzone. My son’s margarita was possibly the cutest kids pizza I’ve seen – shaped as a bear with a veg face! It was also much larger than we usually get when ordering kids’ menu, and with a seven year old that will easily eat a grown-ups pizza, this was reason enough for us to come back!

And of course, kids’ menus wouldn’t be the same without a sweet, so we had the ice cream which was served with DIY toppings and a babyccino, which were of course another huge success!


I confess I hadn’t been here for a few years, mainly because we tend to stay in the north laines where we do our day-to-day, but were really happy to find Ask to be such a fantastic spot for a family meal in Brighton. From the bright and cheery (but cool) decor, to well built menus and delicious grown-up food it’s certainly going to become one of our family’s favourites.

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