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Luxury Christmas in a 5* Las Vegas hotel for just $50 a night?

Luxury Christmas in a 5* Las Vegas hotel for just $50 a night?

Las Vegas is one of those places where you want to be extravagant; the lavish casinos and hotels, world-class cuisine and bucket-loads of fun. And now thanks to travel website Hotwire, grabbing a little slice of the Las Vegas high life has suddenly got much more affordable.

Luxury Las Vegas Christmas holiday 2017

It may sound too good to be true, but between December 8 – 28, Hotwire are slashing their 5* hotel rates down to just $50 a night from the average rate of $430! If you’re planning a Christmas break under the glitzy lights of Vegas then head to Hotwire quickly, as the sale will stop when Hotwire has hit $1 million.

How does the Million Dollar Sale work?

Hotwire’s amazing ‘Million Dollar Sale’ works like this: they pay the hotels the full rate for their rooms, but charge travellers only $50 a night until Hotwire have spent $1 million. Given that the average cost of a 5* hotel room in Las Vegas during December is more than $430, that translates to incredible savings and puts a luxury hotel stay well within the grasp of travellers on even the tightest budgets.

The ‘Million Dollar Sale’ is Hotwire’s response to its own research in the ‘Luxury & Holiday Travel Survey’ that found, among other things, that millennials love luxury (surprise!) but sky-high costs put them off, and also that many people feel like they need a holiday from the holiday season sometimes, to beat the stress.

Even the head of Hotwire, president Neha Parikh, has admitted these Las Vegas hotel prices sounds too good to be true, but they are for real. The deal applies for any stay between December 8 – 28 for a minimum of two nights and more details can be found at Hotwire.com.

We used Hotwire numerous times while we were travelling in the US, and always had a great experience. I wish we could hop on a plane and head to Vegas for this – I can’t think of a more fun place to spend a different Christmas holiday, so if you’re wanting to get some winter sun, or you’re looking for a luxury holiday for less, or simply can’t resist the allure of the Strip, then Viva Las Vegas!

This incredible sale is happening right now and these low rates will book fast! To book, visit hotwire.com and search for stays of at least 2 nights in Las Vegas between December 8th until the 28th.

nb: This post has been written in collaboration with Hotwire. 


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