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Christmas Gift Guide for Travelling Children + Amazon Competition!

Christmas Gift Guide for Travelling Children + Amazon Competition!

Fancy a little extra in your stocking this year?

We’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide with a twist, including an Amazon £50 gift-card competition, because ’tis the season to help you with your Christmas shopping! To enter, simply get your entries at the bottom of the post.

We’ve been inspired by the kind of things children of similar ages to our little boy actually want and need when travelling, be it long-term like we did, or on a family holiday. We thought long and hard when choosing which toys, books and games to take on our 8 month trip, and learnt along the way which ones were the smallest/lightest but provided the best interaction, engagement and fun!

If you follow any of the links on this post, and end up buying anything (even your food shop or nappies!) I’ll get a few pennies from it (it won’t cost you any more!). 
Christmas Gift Inspiration for Travelling Kids


1. The Creativity Hub Rory’s Story Cubes £8.77* //  Let your children’s imagination run wild with these creative story cubes. They also have other sets for sale so you can add more later to develop even longer stories.

2.Maileg Girl Rabbit £25* // You should never underestimate the power of taking a favourite soft toy along on your journey, especially as it can be very helpful at bedtime.. We absolutely love Maileg’s adorable bunnies, and this little one is ready to take on the world! Another way they’re perfect for the road is that you can buy them clothes or little friends to create stories as you go along.

3.Mamoko Book £9.61* // We were gifted this book by a Polish friend of ours, and it was hands-down the best book we had on our trip. The idea is that you create your own stories by following the characters in the book. Charlie would spend hours (really!) in the car making up incredible little stories with these imaginative characters.

4. Skip Hop Zoo Luggage Owl £36.14* // Travelling can take its toll on little ones, but as long as you’re prepared you’ll be fine! One of our best investments was our Skip-Hop trolley bag. Our bee-bag, which has travelled the world with us, but has also held up well on sleepovers at nanna’s!

5. Octonauts Octo-Pack £23.08* // Of course this totally depends on your little ones’ favourite characters, but as massive Octonauts fans (yes, all of us!) we took little guys EVERYWHERE with us! They were involved in deep sea adventures when we went to see Orcas in Vancouver, seal-watching in Kaikoura, New Zealand or looking for sand-creatures when we were hanging out on the beach. We had a little bag full of figurines, which are perfect to develop your child’s creativity and story-making, without the help of a pre-made set-up. One of them is currently still clogging up the drain of a swimming-pool in Texas though 🙁

6. Mini Micro Scooter £59.95* // Another dependable in our lives, our Mini Micro Scooter also went around the world with us. Being easy to carry, helping Charlie cope with long days out and just being awesome fun, this is the one toy we couldn’t have done without. Perfect for children ages 2+, our scooter has kept up incredibly well considering the bashing it has had in the last 2 1/2 years! This is definitely the best present we ever bought him.

7. Peppa Pig Wipe-Clean First Words £2.49* // We had a variety of wipe-clean books on the trip, and they’re fab as they will endure months of use without getting any older. Particularly good if your little one is learning to write.

8.UNO Cards £4.90* // Every family should have a set of UNO cards. We went through a few sets on our trip (some got lost, others wet!), and can honestly say they made waiting for food at a restaurant, or being stuck inside a hotel room because of a storm, infinitely better. It’s a great way to spend time together, good for the kids, but also fun for the adults.

9. LEGOLAND Experience (prices from) £36.90* // If you’re trying to minimise the amount of ‘toys’ your child is getting for Christmas, then a Legoland experience is a great way to witness wide-eyed excitement, while keeping the plastic out.

10.Monopoly Junior Board Game £8* // If you can’t wait to play Monopoly with your children, then this is the board game for you! Perfect for children 4+ it’s a great intro the adult-version of the game, and sure to keep the whole family happy on a rainy day! The game itself isn’t bulky, and we found it great while travelling.

Make sure you enter our competition for a chance to win a £50 Amazon Gift Voucher! 

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