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deep into the heart of Portugal [linhares da beira]

Linhares da Beira, Portugal via @onetinyleap

If you search into the heart of Portugal, you will find Linhares da Beira. Located in the centre of Portugal, this small medieval village transports you back into a different time with no compromise. Linhares doesn’t have a historical town centre. History is all there is. A beautifully-preserved village, where you’ll struggle to get a wifi signal, time moves slowly, old women effortlessly carry heavy loads of sticks on their backs, and the bread van comes in triumphantly honking its horn to announce its arrival.

There is no village shop, most traffic consists of the odd mountain sheep, there’s a quaint little church dating from roman times, a welcoming café (Mimoso), and an imposing 13th century castle stands tall up on the hill. But, in a nod to the 21st century, a (very, very good) fine dining restaurant has found success here, welcoming hungry hikers, hang-gliders and history buffs.

Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

The granite-clad village is a natural playground for children, and a peaceful retreat for parents wanting to get away from it all. Although not entirely traffic-free, because of the echo-y stone walls you can hear any car approaching long before it comes round the corner.

The village neighbours the highest mountain in Portugal, Serra da Estrela, where you find the country’s only ski resort, a myriad of hiking trails, and several traditional mountain restaurants which will serve huge quantities of food for an unfeasibly small amount of money. Linhares is also Portugal’s paragliding capital, and when you visit during the summertime, you will be able to gaze at the dots in the sky, colourful against the grey of the rugged granite mountain, or if you’re the adventurous type have a go yourself.

Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

We visited Linhares with two toddlers, which meant no paragliding, but lots of rock climbing, sliding down the castle’s gigantic slopes, walking around the mountain and collecting acorns and chestnuts. In the evenings we got to cozy-up by the fire with a heart-warming meal as the kids played with puzzles and plasticine.

It felt good being offline for a whole weekend, truly connecting with each other in this idyllic medieval village. I challenge you to do the same – go back in time (properly, a school disco doesn’t count!), disconnect from the web and connect yourself.



Linhares da Beira @onetinyleap

In case you’re wondering, yes, Batman came too. Even medieval villages need superheroes.


Open Map


INATEL Solar de Linhares


Restaurante Cova da Loba (Linhares, by the church. You can read our review here)


See it all. It’s difficult to get lost, but to make sure you don’t miss a bit download village walking guide

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  • Fabulous pictures and it sounds heavenly!

    • one tiny leap

      Thanks Kimberly, it was wonderful!

  • Elaine Livingstone

    Wow what a great place to go and really relax, no outside world to corrupt the place. I am glad Batman was there to help you out. Those buildings truly look old fashioned, Love the old lady hobbling down the cobbles – bet they are slippy when wet. Chuckled at the idea of sheep wandering round, we get that here if you go up to Wanlockhead. Love the pictures. over from #countrykids

    • one tiny leap

      The old ladies here really are a sight to be seen… We saw one that must’ve been nearly 90 yo carrying an enormous bunch of large branches on her back, slowly walking down the steep hill. We offered help, or a ride and she declined with a smile… Strong, determined people around here – amazing!

  • Em

    How lucky are your kids to have medieval villages as playgrounds?! The place looks so lovely and serene. Nice job of getting “off the beaten path.”

    • one tiny leap

      It’s pretty great. Although he now asks me to go to the castle on a daily basis… It’s so difficult to find somewhere where time has actually stopped without the sight of a souvenir shop, and Linhares has managed to do that – it was absolute magic.

  • I think I say this every time I comment but it looks amazing! I would love to go somewhere to disconnect for a bit and been better if I could find Batman there too 🙂

  • Maria João

    que bom ter lido este post. estaremos em linhares e no inatel em dezembro. espero passarmos uns dias assim bons como os vossos!

    • one tiny leap

      Espero que apanhem o sol a brilhar e quem sabe ainda conseguem ver Linhares com neve 🙂 Aproveitem optimas férias!

  • such beautiful photos!

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you 🙂

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