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Finding The Best Travel Deals During School Holidays

Finding The Best Travel Deals During School Holidays

We all know the problem holiday prices shooting up as soon as the kids finish school for the summer. Travel agents start to advertise ‘amazing’ summer holiday deals that aren’t that much of a bargain, and parents nationwide start to fret about the sheer cost of taking their families away for a much-deserved break.

As hopeless as it feels when you are flicking through endless glossy pages of hotels and villas, it is possible to grab yourself a bargain during the school holidays. With a little thorough research, you can utilise the sheer power of the internet and find the very best deals for you.

Timing is everything

The biggest mistake most parents make is the timing of their holidays. Everyone is desperate to get away as soon as the bell rings out for summer, but by waiting just that little bit longer you could save £100’s. The very last 2 weeks of the summer holidays are always the cheapest, with most families getting their kids ready to get back into the swing of school.

The last 2 weeks are prime real estate for bargains. With the weather still hot and sunny, you can get all the goodness of a beach holiday for half the price. Combine that with the following tips and you could have the cheapest holiday yet.

Shop around

This might seem like simple advice, but many people forget to shop around on the many different travel websites and comparison sites. To find the best deals, you need to compare multiple different travel providers, and that is including sites such as Expedia and Travelsupermarket. It is often the comparison sites that bring up the most fruitful results.

Save on hotels and villas

Instead of going for the more traditional forms of accommodation, why not explore some of the more budget friendly options? Things like house swapping and Airbnb can save you many precious pennies and add to the adventure of the holiday!

If you don’t like the idea of setting up in a stranger’s home, camping is also an affordable option. Combine this with cheap car hire such as that from car rental providers Autoclick and you have an added level of freedom that a package holiday can’t provide.

Go direct to the source

Although comparison sites are handy and can help you compare a multitude of offers all at once, sometimes going straight to the source is the best option. If you already know what airline you would like to fly with, head straight to their site to see if they have any offers or deals available.
Occasionally, booking your accommodation and flights directly will also be cheaper than booking it as a package. I like to use travel guides as a resource to best find exactly where to go. However, it’s always best to check the comparison sites as well, just to make sure.    

It can be stressful planning a family holiday, trying to keep everyone happy, yet not spending every last penny. Getting away during the school break doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice your life savings, as with a little research and thorough comparison, you can find the deal of a lifetime.

To help you book your next family holiday, Autoclick have created this handy little infographic filled with tips and tricks to find the best deal for you.

How to get the best school holiday deals

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