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What to pack for your first family ski holiday

What to pack for your first family ski holiday

Don’t judge, but at the grand old age of 34 I have never been skiing. It’s true, my mother is a sun-chaser, so in the few occasions we’d go on holiday in the wintertime, we’d be searching for a sandy beach, a pool and lots of sun. Which is why, when I was lucky to be chosen as one of Mark Warner’s Ambassador‘s, I knew straight away – it is now or never.

And now as the temperatures have started to drop, my mind is already in Val d’Isere, where we will be going on our first family ski holiday. I popped over to Mark Warner’s website to find out more about our satay at the Chalet Hotel Val d’Isere and they had this fantastic resort 360 video – what a way to get you excited about your holiday!

Trying to be as prepared as possible, I’ve scoured the internet and asked some ski expert families to find out exactly what I need to pack for our family’s first ski holiday.

Blogger tips for your family’s first skiing holiday

Susanna from A Modern Mother reminded us that we don’t just need snow boots, but also walking boots for walking around when you aren’t skiing (sneakers will slip).

A Pigeon Pair and Me‘s Nell shared some great tips including: ‘Dress your little ones in easily recognisable, bright ski gear. Then when they take their first runs on the piste with the rest of their ski school, you’ll be able to spot them easily.’ and ‘If it’s your first ever time, you might want a break from skiing half way through the holiday. Time to head to the spa to give those muscles a rest!’.

Lisa from Travel Loving Family suggests: ‘bring hand warmers and snacks (lots of snacks) with all of the exercise you will all be doing its a great excuse to eat chocolate!’

Family Ski Holiday Packing List

family ski packing list



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