Home Food Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup [recipe]

Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup [recipe]

Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup [recipe]

Every Christmas in my family we share the cooking to make it easier and a less-stressful experience for all. This year I got the canapés & the soup so I knew I had to make them look good and taste even better but also make sure I was out of the kitchen well before the turkey went in!

I love putting together food that is both aesthetically pleasing and bursting with flavour and after doing some research and adapting a few recipes I put together this roasted garlic and cauliflower soup.


For this stunner of a soup, you’ll need:

1 x garlic bulb (unpeeled)
2 x large cauliflower heads
chicken stock (better if homemade)
garnish: eadible flowers / thyme
optional: if you’d like your soup to be even creamier, add a splash of light cream and adjust seasoning to taste

Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees.

Keep the garlic clove whole, and chop off the top ends to ensure all individual bulb are exposed. Drizzle some olive oil and rock salt and wrap in foil.

Chop the cauliflower and place in a tray, drizzle with olive oil and dash of salt and pepper

cauliflower_soup (1 of 2) cauliflower_soup (2 of 2)

Roast the garlic in the oven for 25 minutes (190 degrees)

Place the cauliflower in the oven until golden brown (for me it took 30 minutes, but really depends on your oven’s strength),  remove and set it aside.

I hope you enjoy this soup as much as we did for Christmas.

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