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How do you say … in Portuguese

How do you say … in Portuguese

My Portugal posts are some of the most consistently visited pages on this website, and as such I thought it’d be helpful for me to share some quick Portuguese language tips with you to help you get around my beautiful country, and who knows, even get you to order some exciting food! If you’d like to learn more about the Portuguese language, I recommend this book.

Basic Portuguese Greetings

Hello: Olá

Good Morning: Bom dia

Good Afternoon: Boa Tarde

Good evening/night: Boa Noite

Sorry / excuse me: Desculpe

Thank you: Obrigado/a (o if you’re a man, a if you’re a woman)

Do you know where x  is: Sabe onde fica x ?

How do you say: Como se diz?

How much does it cost? Quanto custa?

Goodbye: Adeus

See you later: Até logo

Do you have a bathroom? Tem casa de banho?

Ordering food

Gluten-free: Sem glúten

Celiac | see celiac & gluten free card here – Celiaca

Nut allergy – Alergia a frutos secos / amendoins: 

Vegetarian -Vegetariano/a

Pescatarian: Sem carne / Só peixe

Ordering Coffee and Breakfast in Portuguese

Could I please have a x: Dava-me um(a) x


Espresso: Um café / bica (Lisbon) / Simbalino (Porto)

Ristretto (very short and strong espresso): Uma Italiana

Espresso with a drop of milk: Um café pingado

Espresso with a dash of milk: Um garoto

Coffee with milk (in medium cup): Meia de Leite

Coffee with milk (long cup): Galao


Manteiga: Butter

Fiambre: Ham

Queijo: Cheese

Misto/a: Ham and cheese

Croissant – Croissant

Chocolate: Chocolat

Amendoas: Almonds

Pao de Deus: Brioche / sweet bread with sugar and coconut on top (delicious with butter and ham)

Pao com fiambre: Ham sandwich (no salad, just bread, butter and ham)

Aveia: Porridge

Fruta: Fruit

Ovos: Eggs

Ovos mexidos: Scrambled eggs

Ovos estrelados: Fried eggs

Ovos escalfados: Poached eggs

Bacon: Bacon


I will continue to build on this page as I go along, but if there anything you’d like to know that I’ve missed just let me know on one of my social channels @onetinyleap everywhere, email me, or let me know in the comments section below!

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