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How to Survive Your First Family Vacation

How to Survive Your First Family Vacation

Traveling for the first time as a family unleashes so many emotions. It is exciting, exhilarating and quite frankly… terrifying! It seems that the little ones can’t survive for more than an hour in the car without asking “are we there yet?” or whacking each other over the head with stuffed animals. As such, we get incredibly nervous at the concept of taking our kids across the world. So how can you and your partner survive? This article explores various survival tips that you will surely be thankful for.

Go Somewhere with Kid Friendly Activities

Lazing by a beach on a paradisiacal island while reading a book, getting a massage and drinking cocktails out of coconut may sound like the perfect vacation for Mom and Dad but it’s possible that the kids will not feel the same. After all, there’s only so many sand castles and random holes in the sand that your kids will want to create. Choose a destination that has something for everyone. For example, Florida boasts Orlando and many amusement parks, in addition to stunning nature, pristine beaches and cosmopolitan cities.

Choose a Resort with Kids Activity Centers

Now we are no means suggesting that you should go on vacation, dump your kids off at the play center and spend most of the vacation off by yourself but let’s admit it, sometimes it’s refreshing to have a break from the little monsters and honestly, after you have spent an entire day touring around theme parks, water parks or other kid-oriented activities, sometimes you just want to enjoy a romantic walk along the beach at sunset with your partner. Choosing a family friendly resort that has a kids’ club on site is a great choice.

Kids activity centers are also great for your kids’ confidence and social development also as they allow them to make other little vacation buddies.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious With Your Schedule

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If you are traveling around Rome alone or as a couple, you can cross off phenomenal amounts of sights and activities in a day. If you are traveling as a family, things are a little different. Kids easily get worn out and when moving as a family convoy, you will find that you are able to fit less into your daily schedule. Make a suggested list of things that you want to do and see during your vacation but don’t be overly ambitious with trying to cram everything in.

Incorporate “Lazy Days”

On a similar vein to the above, when traveling as a family you should try and incorporate relaxation days into your schedule. Follow up a day of adventure, family bonding and exploration with a day spent playing Marco Polo in the pool. Don’t wind up coming back from your vacation more exhausted.

Record Your Happy Memories

Don’t forget to journal, video record, and take photos of your first family vacation. Though the trip will surely come with both its share of fun and headaches, it is a memorable milestone in the childhood of your little ones. You want to make sure that you gather plenty of material to look back and laugh at in years to come.

Prepare a Family Medical Kit

It seems that no matter how much supervision you give them, kids always seem to be acquiring new cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Be sure to pack a lightweight, yet comprehensive first aid kit for your trip. Don’t go overboard with the packing – a few basic medicine cupboard items, as well as bandaids and antiseptic cream, are all you really need but it’s better to always be prepared.

Focus on the Positives

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Family vacations are wonderful experiences, but it’s easy to get irritated or irked by various things during your trip. Perhaps the air con has stopped working in your hotel room, the kids are throwing dramatic tantrums, and you are feeling more stressed out than you were when you were back at the office last week. Vacations don’t come by as often as we’d like so try and make the most of everything. See the humor and positivity in everything that you do, and don’t let negative occurrences define your trip.

Consider Your Return Home

Make sure that you think about the final days of your vacation and your return to work/home life. If you are rushing around on your very last day or taking a late night flight, you will wind up going back to work feeling stressed, drained and exhausted rather than relaxed. You don’t want to end your vacation feeling like you need another one! Try and organize the logistics of your trip so that you have a little free time at home before rushing back into your schedule.

With a positive attitude, forward planning and a combination of the various tips that have been outlined above, we are confident that your first family vacation will be an enjoyable success that you want to repeat again and again.

nb: This post has been written in collaboration with Beaches Resorts.

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