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Living Arrows + 4/52

Living Arrows + 4/52

Sometimes I don’t know how it’s possible you’re growing so much, so fast.

Right in front of me, you’re becoming a boy. A full of energy, boisterous and independent gorgeous soul.

The kindness in your heart makes my own melt, and I hope you’re able to maintain that goodness for the rest of your life.

Your curious eyes and mind love to make up stories,

and earlier this week you told me the meaning of life was ‘ chopping carrots’.

Thank you for your wisdom, and for opening my eyes to all the exciting life around me, at all times.


We are linking up with Living Arrows, a wonderful photo project that I am super proud to be a part of. Please pop over to the Shutterflies Blog to see our chosen photo, get some inspiration from the other contributors, and of course to add your own 🙂

Living Arrows

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