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Lost in Porto’s Coolest Neighbourhood

Lost in Porto’s Coolest Neighbourhood


It’s easy to mistake Portugal’s second city as just a Port Wine tasting holiday destination, but as soon as set food in the riverside city, you quickly realise Porto is like that cool girl everyone wants to hang out with. The city presents itself as a healthy mix of colourful urban decay and modernist architecture paving the way for one of Europe’s most exciting destinations.

This post was based on a trip we made last summer, when we had the best time taking in the city trip during the day and watching some of our favourite bands at the fantastic Primavera Sounds festival. After deciding to chuck our city map away, we stumbled upon Miguel Bombarda street completely by accident, and ended up having the most enjoyable afternoon of the whole trip.

When you’re roaming the Bombarda streets it feels as if the city rewards you for your lack of planning and itineraries and throws you something to look at every corner. If you’re ever in town, make sure you go off-track and get to see this very cool artsy scene, take in the cultural vibe and taste the local feel.

If you’re not too comfortable to let go of some geographical reassurance, scroll down to the bottom of the post for some tips on how to get there and what to see.




” ‘Lost in a mountain within me’, by Daniel Moreira”


 Post it Illustration Wall @Ó Galeria

one tiny leap porto

 We love how fabulously playful these ‘Anita‘ (originally Martine in French & Emma in English) bags are!


One Tiny Leap’s Guide to the Miguel Bombarda Area

Where it is:

What to do:

  • Contemporary art galleries showcasing the best national and international talent, all gathered in one street and the best ‘shopping centre’ you will ever see.
  • Vintage shopping at its best, with beautifully styled stores featuring furniture, clothes and books.
  • Cool and unique cafes, where you can get Portugal’s best food and drink with a modern twist.

Where to Eat:

Rota do Cha Porto tea_house_2 tea_house

  • Rota do Chá – As you walk into the shop & café, you will find a uniquely decorated space, full of colour and special touches. We were lucky to stop by on a very sunny day, and made the most of it by sitting outside in the gorgeous garden. They offer an incredibly diverse variety of teas and yummy, rustic food.
  • Price: €7.50/menu per person
  • Child-friendly: Yes (although if the weather was poor, I’d feel uncomfortable with a fidgety child inside their quiet indoor spaces).

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