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Me & Mine – June

Me & Mine – June

I have always wanted to take part of the Me and Mine project, but as a family we are generally rubbish at getting behind the camera as a constructed team effort, and I am pretty shy, so it never works. This month however, we have taken one of my favourite shots of all of us. The light was the reddest I’ve ever seen, the rolling hills and mountains around us reflecting its warmth perfectly.

The photos were taken by our hummer driver Dan, just after doing some insane stunts in the Moab Desert. We were exhilarated, hot, and overwhelmed with the beauty of the scenery around us. Cholly didn’t care either way, he read his Octonauts book all the way as everyone in the Hummer screamed – kids, heh?! He did love pretending to run over daddy on our silly picture of the month 😉



moab family trip

moab (1 of 1)
moab (1 of 1)-3dear beautiful

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