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Me & Mine [October]

Me & Mine [October]

Well, goodbye October and hello November! You’ve come around way too fast.

October was the last full month of our round the world trip, and we ended it with an epic month in Japan. It was the most incredible experience we’ve had so far, and we fell in love with the kindness of the people, the striking beauty and the oh so perfect food. Even some of their their western food like pastries is better than ours.

It was a month of high-tech toilets (warm seats, incorporated bidets, automatic music so no one hears you do your business), extremely luxurious department stores and the prettiest bento boxes on board the Shinkansen bullet trains. Japan has SO much to offer and has been the most child-friendly place I’ve ever been to.

Every restaurant has a kids’ dining set and most had high-chairs. There were no special menus, but so many small items to order like gyoza/tempura/fried rice/noodles that you don’t need them. Lots of restaurants give kids a small token present at the end of the meal, and people gave Charlie treats just to be nice. Lovely, lovely people.

We also went to Disneyland Tokyo, which has been my favourite park so far. We experienced kawaii parades, soy sauce and butter popcorn and had the most magical family day. Everything was perfect!

And it’s the only decent photo of the three of us from October, so it had to be my chosen Me & Mine photo 😉

We are SO grateful to have been able to have these experiences with our son, to take nearly a year off our normal lives to explore new places, new cultures and foods. Working on the road and being together 24/7 has been a struggle, but one I’d gladly do again for this opportunity! Who knows in a few years heh… 😉

dear beautiful

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