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Moving Abroad with a Toddler

Moving Abroad with a Toddler

A lot has happened in the last few months, and cutting a very long blog post short – we have packed up our Brighton bags and made a temporary move to Portugal before we embark on our big journey around the world. Good news is we will have a plethora of tips for those considering moving abroad with their family, inside tips to holidaying in Portugal with toddlers and fab foodie and travel posts!

The move means that we were left with very little time to develop the blog before we settled in, but now that life seems to have a normal pace again, the posts will begin to flood the blog 😉

So after months of making and learning from valuable mistakes, here is our best advice.

top 10 tips on moving abroad with a toddler:

  1. Don’t make a big fuss. Toddlers adapt incredibly well to life’s little hiccups, especially when they’re being distracted. Make it sound like an adventure and try to avoid too many goodbyes.
  2. Make lists, lots and lots of lists and get your child to help out. Nothing feels better than crossing off ‘to do’ lists, so stay organised and prepare everything well in advance to avoid disasters.
  3. Spend some quality time with your toddler choosing the best toys to take with you, as you want to make sure he has the most important toys in his new home.
  4. Help your children familiarise themselves with their new country by showing them pictures of where you will be living, and then follow up with a visit when you get there.
  5. Join expat Facebook groups and forums and try to connect with families in the area. It can be very isolating for both you and your children, especially if they don’t speak the language.
  6. Look for nurseries in your neighbourhood and schedule some visits for as soon as your arrive. The earlier your toddler begins interacting with local children and making new friends, the better. It will also give you some needed time to take care of adult bureaucracy.
  7. Stick your routine as much as possible. Keep the same dinner/bath/bed timings, as it will help give your toddler a sense of familiarity.
  8. When you arrive, take your child to a local food market and make a game out of exploring all the new foods.
  9. Have a photo album of friends and family from home, and talk to your child about them regularly as it will comfort her.
  10. Relax. Kids feel everything their parents are feeling, so if you’re chilled, chances are so will your children. Enjoy the adventure and have a great time in your new home.


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