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Niagara Falls – Breathtaking Trip Into the Cascade

Breathtaking. There is no better word to describe the Niagara Falls.

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This is a classic destination for families, worthy of a full day, if not a weekend stay. We were meant to stay two nights, but I double-booked us by mistake and we had to cut our stay short.

As we walked down to the falls from our Airbnb we were immediately taken aback by the immensity of the waterfalls, the noise of tons of water cascading down onto the rocks below, and the beauty of a permanent rainbow coming through the spray.

We hadn’t really looked into it, so didn’t know what kind of visits/activities they had on site, but I was so glad we did the ‘Behind the Falls’ visit as well as the ‘Maid of the Mist Boat Ride’ – they made a really nice visit absolutely spectacular.

The Behind the Falls tour takes place, surprisingly enough, behind the Horseshoe waterfall, where you can walk in a tunnel and take in the full blast of the falls which are metres away from you – good luck not getting soaked!

After that we boarded the famous ‘Maid of the Mist Boat’, which takes you up close to the waterfall, an immense prospect.

As we climbed aboard, the look of excitement was visible on everyone’s face. We had seen the previous group come out of the boat you see… Not a dry soul..

We put on the ponchos that are supplied free-of-charge, and off we went. You begin slowly going into the falls, snapping pictures, thinking the little breezy wetness is funny, and then you get right in the middle of it all – what a thrill! It was fantastic being so close to something so strong, so powerful and of course, so stunning. Charlie had the giggles all the way through, and I had a mild heart attack watching Rob pretend to throw Charlie overboard, but at the end we all agreed that we had one of the best days of our road trip so far.

Yes it’s touristy. Yes, the city would be more pleasant if it weren’t for the resort-style Clifton hill, poor choice of restaurants and gigantic hotels threatening to overpower the view, but ultimately Niagara Falls is a classic destination – one so full of true, natural wonder, that everyone should see it once.

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My Travel Monkey

  • Ever since I was a little girl this is the one destination I have always said that I want to do – even though I never knew much about it back then. This has really inspired me to aim for this. Love how you captured the rainbow in your pictures too, it looks so perfect.

  • Johanna Bradley

    This must be one everybody wants to do. 🙂 Your little boy looks adorable. Lovely to see such a happy smile.

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    this is a real must see and wow your photos really show it off well, incrediable to watch the rainbow develop with the photos too, just the most amazing sight. The town looks very american, like a scene from the movies! Thank you for sharing another exciting leg of your journey on Country Kids.

  • Wow, amazing! I always think really popular tourist destinations got that popular for a reason (okay, sometimes that reason might be cheap booze, but lots of touristy places are worth it) #MondayEscapes

  • Fantastic photos – I’d always wondered how touristy it really was, but as you say, it’s worth it for such an incredible natural spectacle. I think I might have to wait a few years as I’m not sure my daughter would be too pleased to get wet just yet! #mondayescapes

  • Laia

    Breathtaking! Definitely a place to visit, even if it is touristic! the waterfalls look stunning, and so beautiful with the rainbows 🙂

  • hahaha soooo much fun!!!
    I love it! Great pictures,

    Even though I lived in Canada for 1 year I never got to visit the Niagara Falls…one more reason to return 😀
    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  • Looks great fun 🙂 we are looking to pay a visit in August so was keen to catch up on the must dos 🙂 thank you for sharing #mondayescapes

  • Rachel Milner

    Amazing! I was lucky enough to visit Niagra, aged 9 with my Aunt. I can still feel the excitement and intrepidation heading out towards the falls in our ponchos and hobbit feet. My Aunt recalls it was the first time she had seen me speechless! Magic times guys, love it xx

  • Wonderful photos espically like the on you all with the rainbow in the background – looks like you had a brilliant time just as we did xx