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Notes on Travelling // Review & Giveaway

Notes on Travelling // Review & Giveaway

When you’re travelling, how do you remember the taste of a country? What about a short exchange of words with a stranger? Or what you had for lunch?

During our RTW trip I often struggled to keep up with the endless memories we were creating everyday. We would usually return to our accommodation tired, ready for bed, with little time to type up the day’s experiences, good and bad, all the little things that I didn’t want to forget. But I ended up doing exactly that.

I have a few notebooks that keep going missing at just the wrong time, and typing on my phone isn’t the same. Recently, though, I was introduced to a new way of taking notes or keeping a journal that just seemed perfect for travellers – a range of notebooks called Whitelines®. They invited me to try them out, and share my views with my readers. Also, make sure you scroll down to the end of the post for an exclusive 20% discount and competition!



Originating in Sweden, Whitelines® are a different breed from regular notebooks, elevating the way you take and capture notes. Why am I writing about them, and how are thy better for us travelling folk? Well, the biggest change is their striking paper design – a grey background with white lines instead of black, allowing your writing/drawings to “pop” against the page, creating a less ‘cluttered’ workspace that is much easier to read. Better still is that when you scan the book, the white lines disappear, resulting in a clean piece of work.

Even more ingenious are the notebooks featuring LINK technology, which you can use in conjunction with Whitelines’ free app. By simply placing the app over the notebook, it picks up the page and creates a super crisp snapshot, with a bright white background and clear writing/drawing – amazing for note-taking on the road, as you don’t have to worry about loosing the notebook!

They have innovated even further, and developed the LINK technology for White Boards, making note-taking during even the busiest of board meetings seem a doddle.

It’s all about making it simple for you to take, and keep notes.


I took my Whitelines® notebooks everywhere in the past month, to Portugal a couple of times, Wales during a family holiday, and to a conference this past weekend. The notebooks are light and portable, and the LINK technology was very easy to use, even during a flight alone with my four year old. It was quick and faff-free which was much appreciated at the time.

All you have to do is write, snap with the app, and proceed to save the note in your phone’s gallery, or send it to Evernote/Dropbox. As you can see from the example below, the quality of the captured image is excellent, even in low light as it has a handy flashlight setting you can use.





I used the notebook with LINK technology far more than the standard one for day-to-day note-taking and have used the lined pad as a journal. I loved the ability and ease of capturing a day’s experiences and notes and instantly organising them in an Evernote/Dropbox folder – ready to be used when typing up my future posts. I only wish I had them when we were on our big trip!whitelines whitelines

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nb: I was offered the notebooks for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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