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Unique Stays: airbnb chapel in Lincolnshire

I think it’s quite rare to walk into a hotel and be overwhelmed about its unique character. We stayed recently at an airbnb place though that made our jaws hit the floor.

Back in March, just before we departed on our round the world trip, we spent a long weekend with friends in the small Lincolnshire village of Wellingore. We planned long walks in the still-wintery nearby countryside, to be dutifully rewarded by hearty pub dinners and maybe a board game or two back at the house.

In  the event though, the house was so much fun we could hardly bear to leave it. The owners were a pair of artists dividing their time between Brighton and Lincolnshire, pretty much the same as us. Besides a huge amount of interesting and eye-catching art all over the place, it was full of quirky grown-up toys.

It may be difficult to imagine how a former chapel can be so modern, vibrant and well, ballsy.  The (very) high ceilings in the house give it a sense of enormity, the stained windows a reminder of the building’s former life, but the metal beams in the ceiling and staircase are painted a vibrant fuchsia bringing slashes of colour into the space and with it, well, a lot of fun.

The house has little treats peeking out of every corner, like the cupboard filled with stuffed animals, the füssball table and the skateboard we all took turns on, as well as several interesting pieces of taxidermy including a fly riding a dragonfly! Contrasting with the industrial look of the building, the furnishings were folksy, with bright hand-knit blankets and cushions, which made the incredible large open area feel very comfortable and homely.

The sitting room/ tv room was cosy, perfect for spending a cold afternoon tucking into one of the many books lining the walls, ranging from design and architecture to novels and children’s classics.

The bedrooms were all located upstairs, again decorated in a modern style, but with clean lines and a minimalist feel – great for a good night’s sleep.

At the back, a small outside patio served us very well for setting up our friend’s legendary slow-cook barbecue which provided most of our food for the weekend. The kitchen was extremely well-equipped and the owners were kind enough to leave us a few bits and bobs including a freshly baked loaf of bread and milk.

Location-wise you couldn’t get much better than this if you crave seclusion: the house is right in the middle of the quaint little village, a stone’s throw away from a couple of decent pubs, fantastic country walks, and a little playground for kids.

Staying at this incredible house made our fairly low-key get-together all that more special and it would be perfect for a family holiday, or a friends’ weekend/holiday.




airbnb lincoln by onetinyleap

We were 3 couples with one small child and all stayed very comfortably, with lots of room to spare for only €229/night.

To see more photos of the space and to find out about staying at this unique airbnb house go here.

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  • I know why your jaw hit the floor. The place is amazing. Are all those plush toys real (not sure if it is a picture)? Did you take them out?

    • one tiny leap

      They are all real toys! We didn’t dare open the cabinet, perhaps they are placed very carefully in some specific order that we were oblivious to. But, really, we could barely believe just how incredible it was when the owner was showing us around…

  • That soft toy cabinet looks rather too much like the actuality of my kids’ collection for me to appreciate it properly, but what a great place. Love airbnb posts! Pure nosiness…

    • one tiny leap

      Haha, it was fantastic as it was in the middle of very bold artwork and the industrial-like house. I love how diverse our airbnb experiences have been so far, and think it’s fantastic seeing and experiencing how other people live 🙂

  • Morgan Prince

    It sounds like a lovely place to stay and your photos really look great. xx