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warsaw’s secret garden [podkowa leśna, poland]

Podkowa Leśna via @onetinyleap

As we stepped into the Wizz Air plane, ready for our London to Warsaw journey I became truly excited for the week ahead – both C and I were about to explore the Polish countryside, in all its woodsy glory, earthy smells and…well, delicious cakes.

We were staying with our friends (and  one of C’s old friend) near Podkowa Leśna, Poland’s first garden city, which is located about 30 minutes from Warsaw. The city is in itself a well-guarded secret, a little gem surrounded by a lush forest, grand post-war villas and one of the nicest, though proudly twee, garden cafés I’ve been to.

Podkowa Leśna via @onetinyleap

You can immediately feel how special this place is, surrounded by the forest and wonderful shaded streets. It felt especially magical to me as we are quite deprived of this kind of scenery in Portugal which makes me really appreciate the unique scent, textures and woodland life you’re able to experience when you’re deep in the forest.

As we started walking into the forest, the Gruffalo Trail book came out again to help us explore the forest’s various textures, plants and insects. Here, we managed to find everything featured on the book, from various species of mushrooms, moss, large spiders, different types of trees and leaves and all sorts of insects – it really was a perfect introduction to our inquisitive toddlers looking to learn more about what Autumn was all about.






C, his old buddy P and his fun-loving lab dog jumped, ran, climbed and explored as they voraciously looked to tick all the things in their trail book, and then when that was done, they ran some more.

After a long walk in the woods, we had a short walk to get to a playground, or so I was told…when my friend told me playgrounds in Poland were a-ma-zing, I though she was exagerating, but no, it really was a wonderful spot.

Situated by St Christopher’s church, this picture perfect spot had it all: the golden sun peeking through the tall, lush trees, a large and super friendly playground with children playing safely as well as a smart country-style café that served the most impressive cakes. As the sun started to go down, and the children still played in the playground, we finished the afternoon with an Earl Grey and a Raspberry Pavlova cake …





A perfect day, do you ask? Well, yes. Other than various toddler tantrums you’d expect from hanging out with two 3 year olds, we really couldn’t have asked more from the stunning Polish countryside.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  • Heledd

    That all look so amazingly beautiful. Looks and sounds like you had a magical trip. And can I just mention that cake shop? Wow, so pretty!
    Heledd xxx

    • one tiny leap

      It truly was…A complete change from what we’re used to which felt really special!

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Wow, that looks beautiful, your photos of the trees are stunning. And as for that cake, I would like some please! #CountryKids

    • one tiny leap

      Never say no to cake! Especially when it looks like that – it was yum!

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    I have never been to Poland but your post makes me yearn to go. What stunning countryside and so close to the city too! I hope the whole holiday was as magical as this. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    • one tiny leap

      It was lovely – so much to see! Thank you for hosting it 🙂

  • I think I’d visit just for the cakes! I’ve often thought about visiting Poland, maybe I’ll have to investigate further.

    • one tiny leap

      It was really interesting and truly beautiful. I would’ve loved to go to the museums, especially in Warsaw but couldn’t really drag a 3 year old to such intense spaces…We’ll definitely come back for the history side of things.

  • Little Steps

    I love forests and this one looks absolutely stunning! Oh and I don’t have a sweet tooth, but those cakes just made me suddenly crave for some 🙂 #countrkids.

    • one tiny leap

      They were in-cre-di-ble! We actually returned just for the cake!

  • My youngest really wants to go to Poland and the boys love playgrounds, and well who doesn’t love cake. You have really sold it to me. Glad you had such a great time.

    • one tiny leap

      Oh they were amazing! I’ll do another post on a different playground we visited that was gigantic and so well layed-out. All this in a beautifully landscaped rose filled garden 🙂 Lush!

  • Where exactly did you eat this fabulous cake? ;))

    • one tiny leap

      Hi Isabella, It’s called Weranda & Café 🙂 I’ve added a link to the post but very easy to get to (from what I remember!).

  • Merlinda Little

    Really does look like an amazing magical fairytale place! Everything is so stunning! #countrykids

    • one tiny leap

      It was so beautiful! I’m so glad I have friends there so I have a good excuse to go visit again 😉

  • Your pictures are beautiful! This place really does look like a fairytale. I wouldn’t expect to see it so close to a city.

  • Beautiful pictures!! I was in Warsaw for several days ,and didn’t know about this. It looks lovely! And I really loved Poland’s trees and forests too, and their scent. That cake looks amazing!!