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Welcome to the first post for Snapshots and Scenes, a new monthly project that I’m taking part in, along with a group of other fantastic bloggers – we’d love you to join in the fun too.

The theme for your own project can be anything you’d like, as long it’s based on the little (or big!) family moments in your month. We’re aiming to produce something that will challenge us, and others, in how creative we can be when capturing these moments, be it through words, video or/and photographs.

Our first Snapshots & Scenes

June has been one of those crazy busy months, yet jam-packed with fun moments.

It started with a short break in France, where my son got to go on holiday with two of his best friends, which when you’re five is just the best thing ever. We went to the quiet south of the Champagne region, deep in rural France followed by a day in Disney (of course).

Snapshots and Scenes / One Tiny Leap

During most of the month, we had this insane heatwave in the UK which has given us us Brightonians a great excuse to jump in the sea, something we’ve been busy doing every time the sun is out!

Snapshots and Scenes / One Tiny Leap

And…I was very lucky to visit Laos and Singapore with my day job, which I had to include in here as it truly was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on.  I met some elephants (!) at the fantastic MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary, explored Luang Prabang, ate my way through the food markets and sailed the mighty Mekong. It was tough. But it was also the longest I’ve ever had to stay away from my son, and that bit was very difficult. Thankfully, he’s the most adaptable kid I know and was absolutely fine and thrilled to see his mum met elephants!

Snapshots and Scenes / One Tiny Leap

So that’s it, all in all one of the best months we’ve ever had as a family. Let’s now hope the sun keeps shining for us as we’ve got a big school camping trip next weekend, a wedding in Lisbon and C’s birthday party coming up in July!

Take a look at what the other hosts have been doing this month, and link up your own below!

The Snapshots & Scenes Team

Kerri-Ann, Hayley, Jenny, Chloe, Mel, Amber and Sarah-Jayne


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