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Thor’s Well • Cape Perpetua

Thor’s Well • Cape Perpetua





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Thor’s Well is without a doubt one of the most jaw-dropping sights you’re likely to see. Often included on US’s must-see lists, Thor’s Well is something that has to be witnessed to believe it.

It looks as if someone decided to pull the plug of the Pacific Ocean and let it all drain out, the sheer strength of the current together with the noise it creates is a truly humbling experience. The rock formation’s magic trick is best seen at high tide, when the well gets flooded by the ocean, only to spit it back out again, over and over. Absolutely incredible!

My video of it didn’t come out very well, as my camera was an easy target and got splashed (eek!), but this video is a good example of how spectacular it is.

Useful information to get you to Thor’s Well

How to get to Thor’s Well: open google maps
Where to stay & eat: For Yachats accommodation and restaurant tips, please see my previous post.

  • To get the full effect of Thor’s Well make sure you visit during high-tide. As you can see from the photos above the terrain around it is rocky and slippery, and waves crash on the rocks with impressive strength – be safe whatever you do, I saw some pretty crazy attempts for the perfect photo.
  • Take a tripod – I forgot, and this is the best I could capture.
  • Take a detour to Devil’s Churn. Named after the deafening sound the ocean makes when crashing on the rugged ‘tunnel’, it is a place we ended up spending quite some time, just taking it all in and feeling very, very small.

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