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Best (Addictive!) Podcasts for your Roadtrip

Best (Addictive!) Podcasts for your Roadtrip

If you ask me, podcasts are the best thing since sliced bread. While we were away, it was often the only thing that made long drives bearable.

The most popular podcast of all time Serial has been downloaded more than 5 million times, that is 5 million people all over the world learning about the flawed conviction of a Baltimore kid back in the 1990s – the story of Adnan Sayed. The episodes narrated by journalist Sarah Koenig are inquisitive, engaging and much, much more addictive than any TV show.

But Serial isn’t alone. The podcast world is growing rapidly and there’s at least one now for virtually any interest. I am an absolute podcast junkie so for those of you on the road right now or heading off on your travels soon, I’ve made a list of my favourites that will maybe give you an alternative to ad-filled local radio stations or wearing out your music playlists.

I can’t wait to discover other podcasts, and would love if you could share yours in the comments section!


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