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Portugal’s Best Beaches: Dona Ana Lagos

Praia Dona Ana / Beach Lagos via @onetinyleap

Awash with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, a stunning marina and a quaint town centre, it’s no wonder that Lagos has maintained its status as one of the Algarve’s most family-friendly resorts.

One of my favourites is the jaw-droppingly beautiful Dona Ana beach, which stands in Lagos’ stunning stretch of coast, dotted with a maze of caves, rising golden cliffs and strikingly blue sea.

Praia Dona Ana / Beach Lagos via @onetinyleap

Access to the beach could be better, with only a small parking lot and quite a lot of steps to reach the beach itself, which will definitely put you off if you carry the world to the beach. It’s of course one of the reasons it’s not (totally) cramped with tourists whenever the sun shines, but instead remains an escape for those willing to make a (small) sacrifice to reach beach perfection. I usually go to this beach on my own with a toddler, so I reckon that unless you’re on your own and carrying a baby, you can do it too.

Praia Dona Ana / Beach Lagos via @onetinyleap

I find the small stretch of sand perfect for when it’s just me and C. He can’t go far, and everyone on the beach is so close together that you kinda feel like it’s a community of sorts. C had his armbands and was running in and out of the shallow water, all within 5 meters of me, no spending hours running after him, lots of fun for him being free to splash about.

This kind of close-knit family beach isn’t for everyone, so if you fancy yourself an endless stretch of sand then I’d recommend Meia Praia beach (also in Lagos), or the incredibly beautiful (though further West in Sagres) Martinhal.

Praia Dona Ana / Beach Lagos via @onetinyleap

The café on-site isn’t particularly well-priced nor is it tasty, so we usually bring own own food and buy cold drinks/ice-cream at the bar for a bit of shop excitement / toilet run.

The Dona Ana is very close to what has been considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Ponta da Piedade, sharing some of the characteristics that make it so special. I admit it’s not the most family friendly beach, though if you’re taking a toddler or above to the Algarve, I’d heartily recommend this little piece of heaven as it’s definitely one of the best beaches in Lagos.

Have you ever been to Dona Ana beach? What are your thoughts?

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