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Great Holiday Reads Inspiration

Great Holiday Reads Inspiration

I don’t think I’ve ever read as much as I have in this roadtrip of ours. My kindle is packed with page turners, slow burners and a few American classics too.

Since I’m churning through them, why not share here what I found to be good on the road companions, and which ones left me cold but I still couldn’t put down (looking at you Wayward Pines!).



Of course my first few recommendation are travel books. Not Lonely Planet guides, we all know they are fantastic, but for the purpose of this post I wanted to share books that inspire you to travel towards self-discovery, as well as awareness of the world around us.



One of the people who has most inspired me in the last few years has been Commander Chris Hadfield, the Canadian Astronaut that made space cool again after sharing his experiences of life in the ISS on social media.

He released a book in which he shares the full life commitment he made at the tender age of 9 to become an astronaut, when there wasn’t even a Canadian Space Agency. Full of faith, hard work, and no-nonsense advice, his words have both made me feel tiny in the world and opened my eyes to the endless potential we have as human beings, even as a tiny spot in the universe. A great read for any adult, but I would say an life-inspiring read for a kid of 12yrs+.




There’s nothing quite like a good page-turner. Sometimes they’re just an easy read, other times its their engaging story and whodunnit narrative that grabs your attention for hours on end.

This is a mix of types of page-turners, all featuring fairly uncomfortable themes, but very compelling stories.




I have fallen heads over heels with Miranda July’s quirky and bold writing style, the completely irrational and sometimes tender internal monologues her characters share with us have made me laugh out loud and cry at the same time.  Sarah Silverman’s book is a telling book of her growing up with depression mixed with silly jokes and a good insight into the stand-up comedy world of the 90s. Tina Fey is a modern hero – that’s all.





And because I’m a real sucker for these, I thought you may be too. Nothing to make life more than a hypothetical story about an apocalyptic world where all the things we know so well are gone. Here are some good trilogies to get you start planning building a bunker (just in case).


What’s on your current reading list? I’d love for you to share in the comments.


nb: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of these great books through my site I will get a few pennies, but it will not cost you any extra.

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