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The Final Countdown [ florida road trip ]

The Final Countdown [ florida road trip ]

There are precisely 2 months (60 days), (1,440 hours) until we board our Virgin Atlantic flight to Miami, Florida – the first stop on our one year round-the-world trip.

We’ve been planning this trip for a while now, getting our freelance careers off the ground and sorting out our finances all whilst spending most of our evenings reading up on each and every state we will be visiting on our 6 month USA road trip.

Our journey starts in Florida, where after a cold European winter I bet we will be craving some of that famous sunshine, and dipping into the crystal clear waters off the coast.

We land in MIAMI where we will spend three days in Miami beach, exploring the city’s vibrant cultural mixing pot and exploding art scene. Considering we’ll be in Miami during spring break, we’re pretty pleased to have found a great AirBnB in a beautiful residential area with lots of space for C to run around when we’re not walking around the city tucking into some empanadas.

As we travel north, we will have to stop in ORLANDO, or my Disney obsessed son will never forgive me (nor would I forgive myself!). We’re staying in a nice resort-hotel with a kids pool and playground so that C can blow off some steam when not in the parks. This 3 star hotel was actually a bargain as we booked it through Hot Wire, and managed to save a whopping 60%! It ended up costing us under £50 which is our maximum night budget.

I’m expecting to be Disneyed-out by the end of the week, so we’re going back to basics and camping at the MANATEE SPRINGS campground for a few days. The springs are an excellent scuba-diving and snorkelling spot, and if you’re lucky you can, errr, spot manatees!

Manatee Springs & St Josephs Sate Parks - Florida

Our last Florida destination will be the St Josephs State Park, a wilderness preserve with stunning sand dunes and of course, pristine beaches 🙂 We will be taking it easy here for a few days before we move on to New Orleans!
So this is it. We’re just waiting for our B2 visas to come through, book our car hire and board that jet plane!


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