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Best Day Trips From Lisbon: Meco Beach

Best Day Trips From Lisbon: Meco Beach

MECO BEACH, LOCATED NEAR SESIMBRA (a short 50km drive from Lisbon), is a peaceful haven of long stretches of sand looking over the infinite ocean, perfect any time of year, even during a crisp autumn or winter day. An ideal day trip from Lisbon.



We love having a bite to eat at one of the great restaurants on the beach, where the tables are right on the sand, the fish and seafood are as fresh as you can get it, and the fishing boats ‘docked’ on the sand only add to the traditional feel of this beach.

And this is one of our son’s favourite places, as he gets to run and play freely on the sand while we laze at lunch, and then let off some more steam by going for a scenic walk (run/climb) by the sand dunes and the ever imposing rock.

We had the most perfect Sunday here last week, where the sky went from stormy to crystal clear blue in a snap of a moment, with bursts of colour, light and darkness all at once – a truly beautiful sight to capture with a camera.

We met a dog, played on the crashing waves and ran until we couldn’t run anymore. What else could you ask for on an autumn stormy day?





VISIT NEARBY: If you’re planning on staying nearby (and you should), make sure you spend some time in the natural park of Arrabida and grab a bite in the fishing city of Sesimbra. Alternatively, if you’re having a day trip from Lisbon, spend the morning and eat in Meco, and spend the afternoon in Arrabida.

TIP: The sea here is notoriously strong, so do be very careful when visiting and never underestimate its strength.

PARKING & ACCESSIBILITY: It’s very easy to park in Meco beach with a paid parking lot (€1.50 for the day), and you also have a wooden path taking you to the beach – good for buggies and smaller children.



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