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Getting Ready for 2016! Our Family UK Bucket List

Getting Ready for 2016! Our Family UK Bucket List

The love of travel doesn’t stop when you finally start putting down a few roots.

Our travelling lifestyle may have slowed down, but we’re not the staying-at-home-types, despite having just moved back to the UK, we’re already busy dreaming and planning our next trip!

So when Travelodge got in touch and asked us to share our Family UK Bucket List as part of their #TravelodgeTopTowns campaign, we were super excited to get our guidebooks out and start planning short trips away around this fantastic country.

Here are some of the top places we’d like to visit, and things we’d like to do, in the UK this year:

 – Newcastle –

I am trying to arrange a weekend in Newcastle for early in 2016 – there’s something for everybody here: from exploring history in interactive museums, beautiful architecture and fantastic shopping, nobody misses out.

And if like me, you like your country walks, then Newcastle has some stunning countryside nearby, such as Staward Gorge.

It is also home to the intu Metrocentre – the largest shopping and leisure centre in Europe, perfect for chasing away the winter blues with some retail therapy (January sales, hello!). Rob needn’t be bored either, he can take C on the dodgems, to the soft play or the IMAX – everybody wins!

And at the end of the day, you can just crash at Newcastle’s Travelodge Hotel, located just outside the intu Metrocentre.

– Bristol –

Bristol is one of the first places I visited when I moved to the UK, and one that I always love going back to. I always think of it as the city I would be living in, had I not decided on Brighton all those years ago.

I haven’t yet been with my son, and would love to go and explore this great city with him – it’s got so much to do with kids!

Going Bansky spotting and crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge would be our must-dos, as well as paying a visit to the city’s digital 3D Planetarium, which my space-mad son would really love.

Of course it all doubles up as a great excuse for me to get snap-happy in Bristol’s iconic streets, unique shops & eateries, but we won’t tell the boys just yet ;).

– Devon –


I’ve been itching for a holiday in Devon since driving through its rolling hills, and seascapes a few years ago.

The ridiculously good-looking countryside couldn’t be more English if it tried, and I think it would be the ideal location for a romantic or family weekend-getaway.

Dartmoor looks fantastic for long, Spring and Summer walks, and it seems like you may even be able to spot a wild pony or two! Of course Devon is renowned for its produce and seafood, so I would loooove to spend a day or two just trying out some of the local delicacies, such as oysters at the Oyster Shack or a day walking around Riverford’s farm shop.

I’m thinking of a long weekend in spring, when the wildflowers start to bloom, in a thatched cottage, cosying up by the fire with a good book – more likely to be building monsters out of lego though, but it’s still nice to dream.

Legoland, Windsor



Speaking of lego, despite living only an hour from Legoland we still haven’t been! It is something I have in mind for C’s next birthday treat. It’s a child’s absolute dream to delve into a world of their favourite toy, and Legoland has everything he loves: rollercoasters, pirates, water rides and dragons!

The park looks like pretty fun for Mums and Dads too, with plenty to keep us entertained and even a thrill ride or two! I’m fairly sure after watching C really getting into Lego in the past few months, Legoland will be a hit!

– Cornwall –

Since moving to the UK all the way back in 2001, I’ve always wanted to go to Cornwall. For some reason it just hasn’t happened yet, but I know 2016 will be the year it will!

I keep seeing those turquoise waters and lush green hills, picturesque villages with friendly locals and keep wondering why on earth we haven’t visited yet!

I also can’t wait to try the mouthwatering fresh seafood and local produce, and would love to give C a few surf lessons – he’s got a pretty good sense of balance now and he loves being in the water. If he gets into it then he can try it in Portugal too.

And lastly because we’d like to spend a day at the Eden Project – C is getting to the age now where the interactive exhibits would be fun for him, and it’s a really valuable educational experience.


So that’s our 2016 UK bucket list at the moment, stay in touch to see how many we make it to. Which places are on your 2016 bucket list?


nb: This article has been written in collaboration with Travelodge. All photos from Shutterstock, except Legoland Windsor, courtesy of Legoland Holidays. 


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