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Avenue of the Giants

avenue of the giants via @onetinyleap

Brace yourselves for one of the most epic drives you could ever go on: The Avenue of the Giants.

The name says it all, but this world-famous scenic drive really is a must-do in anyone’s California holiday. Driving through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park is a unique experience all by itself, but if you have time make sure you stop at the several viewing points and go on at least one of the many hiking trails at the park.

The park is straight out of a fairy-tale, you could be forgiven for looking for fairies and elves  as you walk along. It is a magical place, but also an adventure-land for children who love the outdoors, especially mini-climbers. The gigantic fallen tree-trunks are insanely big, and offer a great challenge and beautiful views over the woods.



avenue_giants4 avenue_giants3 avenue_giants

+ where to stay: There are several campsites in Humboldt State Park. We felt very jealous of the folk staying in such a special spot, so book a space if you can.

+ useful maps: Avenue of the Giants Brochure

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  • Donna Wishart

    Wow. Just WOW. This place looks amazing! x

    • one tiny leap

      Isn’t it just? Felt so tiny in that old, beautiful forest <3

  • We’ve been here and it really is beautiful!

    • one tiny leap

      It’s really quite magical, I’d love to go back 🙂

  • Sarah Stockley

    This looks fantastic. We are always out visiting local woodlands in South East England, but there is a calling in me to see Montana, California, New England….. I must have a good read of your lovely blog. Sarah #CountryKids

    • one tiny leap

      Oh I couldn’t recommend it enough… California, Wyoming, Oregon and Utah probably my all-time favourites 🙂

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    What an amazing place to have visited and a great experience for all three of you. I can’t get over the sheer size of the trees just from the photos, I’m sure in reality they’re even more awe-striking! The photos on your blog always inspire a slight wanderlust in me but it’s definitely not so easy now the kids are tweens and teens in school with big exams coming up! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    • one tiny leap

      Thanks Fiona, and thank you for hosting! It’s just impossible to take in, they’re so enormous! It’s all making me feel so nostalgic going through photos of our trip now we’re home.

  • This place indeed looks like from a fairy tale. 🙂

    • one tiny leap

      It really does, it was so much fun to explore!

  • This is so incredible! I have not even seen the Sequoias (and they are not that far from where I live). Hope one day I can visit every single National Park in California.

    • one tiny leap

      That’d be an amazing trip, I hope you get to do it 🙂

  • This is fabulous, those trees! Amazing pictures, especially the last one 😀

    Happy to have you on #MondayEscapes