In Wyoming

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devils Tower Wyoming

Looking as if pulled  through in one go from Earth’s humble ground, the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming is a sight like no other.

Anyone halfway familiar with Steven Spielberg’s classic “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” would recognise Devil’s Tower instantly. This huge rock, jutting out of the desert, was the country’s first national monument, is a sacred site for Native Americans, and is visible from miles around. Ancient legend has it that the vertical stripes down the sides were created by a giant bear pawing at it, but actually they were caused by its rapid emergence from the earth in a kind of volcanic eruption.

The National Monument has several trails running around it from which to explore the imposing tower. The easiest runs for just a mile around the base. Since we weren’t in a rush at all, and wanted to see a bit more of the local area, we took the Red Beds trail right around the tower, a fairly easy 4 mile hike that allowed us to experience an incredible variety of scenery, from the vibrant red hills to lush woods – the immense tower was the only constant in our view. Charlie was fantastic and only complained once or twice, and he was obsessed with how high up we were.

Another treat was seeing the wildlife. We encountered some lovely little prairie dogs by the side of the road, completely happy with all the people taking photographs of them while they guarded their burrows in a similar fashion to meerkats. And deer were regularly to be seen, slipping through the bushes on the campsite and pausing to nibble a few leaves from low-hanging tree branches.

To round up a perfect day, we lit the firepit, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores, and then to top it off watched Encounters of a Third Kind outdoors, with the tower on the background – a nightly tradition our campsite has, and an experience we will never forget! Oh and C now wants to be friends with Aliens, hurrah!

Devils Tower WyomingDevils Tower WyomingDevils Tower WyomingDevils Tower Wyoming
Devils Tower Wyoming Devils Tower Wyoming Devils Tower Wyoming Devils Tower Wyoming



Devil’s Tower Trail Map

Devils Tower Wyoming trail map

courtesy of NPS

Where to stay in Devil’s Tower: We stayed at the fantastic KOA campsite just outside the gates to the park, which was super convenient. The views from our cosy cabin were incredible – besides an uninterrupted panorama of the tower, we were right beside the Belle Fourche river with the red hills as a backdrop.

As anyone who has stayed at a KOA will know, the amenities are (usually) excellent. This was no exception. C had a large playground to enjoy, with lots of kids round about his own age, a heated outdoor pool, and also some fantastic go-karts which he had a ride on – although Daddy had to push him most of the way! The site had a large shop and an open café, and was fantastic for tent-campers too, something we don’t always see.

Devils Tower KOA

Devils Tower KOA


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  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    Another amazing place. Just look at the colour of the ground, that soil is such an amazing colour and I love the look of your cabin camp site, sounds like it had a good mix of things to do too to keep everyone happy. May be one day I will also do that 4 mile hike and see devils tower. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    • one tiny leap

      It’s incredible, isn’t it? I mean up-close it just doesn’t seem real, like it has just been pulled from the ground… too big to be true. I hope you get to see it one day, one of the most memorable places we’ve been to so far! x

  • mummy3+1dog

    awe wow! looks like you had the place to yourself hun, I can’t believe that stone was still balanced on the other stone. love the look on your little boys face. looks like you had an amazing time hun x

    • one tiny leap

      Yeah I know! People in the campground seemed to stay only overnight so we had the place almost to ourselves most of the time. And as we did the longer hike we saw only a couple of other people around 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! x

  • Donna Wishart

    That is such an incredible sight. I’ve always loved the place name ‘Wyoming’ sounds lovely, rolls off your tongue. Random I know! x

    • one tiny leap

      It’s quite remarkable, right? I know what you mean with Wyoming, it’s phonetically perfect ;). I knew it was going to be a cool place, but the whole state is a natural playground – unbelievable. xx

  • JustGoPlaces

    We loved Devils Tower when we went too! I can’t believe people actually scale that thing. It’s pretty much vertical. Great photos!

    • one tiny leap

      I know! We saw someone climbing it when we visited – insane, though if I was good at it I would’ve loved to do it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • I love that they play Close Encounters of the Third Kind every night! Did you get to make carvings out of mashed potato too? Looks amazing – the rock itself looks like a giant wave! #MondayEscapes

    • one tiny leap

      One of the best things we’ve done, it was just so cool! Especially during the mash potato scene or when the (real) lightening storm lit up the tower behind the screen! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  • Merlinda Little

    Wow just wow. Stunning landscape! I wish I can go and see this personally. Amazing place to visit. #countrykids

    • one tiny leap

      We had the most amazing experience, and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Perfect place for kids to explore too 🙂

  • OMG your pictures are stunning!! And what a beautiful place… now that you mentioned about the movie, I remember it haha how cool!

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes again 🙂

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you lovely!! It was a bit surreal watching the film with the tower on the background, so, so cool!

  • Ruth Rieckehoff

    Your photos are incredible. I like how you presented the Devil’s Tower but I also enjoy your photos of the surroundings. The area is full of beautiful rock formations. I would love to see prairie dogs.

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you Ruth 🙂 The prairie dogs were so cute, and there were so many of them around the Tower. Gorgeous area

  • Gin

    Our Wyoming trip was wonderful and we really fell in love with this state. so many geological wonders… but we didn’t have the chance to check out the Devil’s Tower. I’m glad to be able to know more about this place through your pictures 🙂 It looks amazing !

    • one tiny leap

      It’s absolutely incredible just how diverse the Wyoming landscape is… we spent a whole month and only saw about 70% of it all! We loved it there x

  • Beautiful photos. Wyoming has an amazing landscape and you’ve captured it so well :).

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you, I really appreciate it 🙂 We had an amazing month in Wyoming, and it was everything we expected and much, much more x

  • Wow…..I am with everyone else…these pics are amazing!

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you Diana! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness it looks and sounds incredible. Especially the firepit and marshmallows with the tower in the background. And the photos…gosh you seriously are so talented xx

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you so much you gorgeous lady! It was amazing – an experience we will never forget, even though C won’t touch a marshmallow because of Frozen(!). xx

  • Great to read about someone else who enjoyed Devil’s Tower as much as I did! I recently went and wrote about my experience in my post “Exploring Wyoming” ( Check it out and let me know what you think.