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Harvard & Minute Man National Historical Park with Kids

lexington state park, mass

Cambridge, Massachussets is one of those mythical places, the home of Harvard University and MIT, where the world’s brightest minds come to research, develop and innovate. It’s inspirational, to say the least.

We arrived here mid-morning, and all we wanted to do was walk around the campus, take-in the atmosphere and who knows even learn a thing or two.

The weather was splendid that day, so we spent our time in Cambridge slowly roaming the streets, having coffee at the city’s many coffee-shops and little C even got himself a Harvard University Police badge – lucky fella.

Harvard University


After a morning spent walking amongst some of the world’s best academics and brightest students in bustling Cambridge (Harvard University), we decided to follow the path of the American journey and visit the historic Minute Man National Historical Park, in Lexington, where you can re-visit the events that led to the American Revolution, and consequently the independence from the British.

After seeing the exhibition at the visitor’s centre, we explored the park that features panels explaining the various events that happened on the site.

C was more interested in jumping off rocks, so that’s what we ended up doing… somehow he always seems to win when it comes to deciding what to do (yesterday we spent a whole morning at the local library!). So in between learning more about the American road to independence, we managed to fit in a climb and a jump off every rock and tree stump around!

We didn’t spend too long here, as the traffic going out of Lexington was insane and we didn’t have an alternative route back to Hudson, where we were staying.

I’ll never stop being amazed at the incredible forests, woods and general natural life that exists in the US. You can find an incredible state park in pretty much any state, and even an old woodland or local forest is bound to take your breath away with its beauty. We can’t get enough, and would you blame us?

lexington state park, mass

lexington state park, mass
lexington state park, mass lexington state park, mass


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