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Our epic Oregon coast roadtrip continued as we waved goodbye to Tillamook, and made our way south on the 101 (read more about our Oregon trip here). We were thrilled when we arrived at our next base: the seaside town of Yachats (pronounced Yah-hats).


Yachats is located right in the centre of the Oregon coast, making it an excellent stop-off point, but the chances are you’ll want to extend your stay.

A charming seaside resort, Yachats was just the right kind of busy when we were there in July – lively, but never too full. The atmosphere was similar to that of other Oregon beach towns – beautifully-maintained, streets lined with colourful houses, all oozing summer feelings.

The town has a good handful of restaurants (we tried three, only liked one – more about that at the end of the article), a nice farmer’s market and a great local atmosphere.The west coast seems to be bursting with attractive towns , and quaint little Yachats is no exception.
Yachats Oregon

yachats_sweetsI don’t know if you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls, but some of these little towns definitely have a lot of Stars Hollow in them. Between the ice-cream shoppe, the tiny but charismatic bookshop and of course the cafรฉ with the moody barrista, it’s all there. They even have this lovely system for crossing the road where you pick up a flag on one side of the road, and dutifully take it to the other, alerting drivers to your presence – how great is that?

Yachats Oregon

Yachats Oregoncopyright maria belfort / onetinyleap.comWhilst wandering through town, we spotted a flyer for a free Ranger-led crabbing and clamming workshop in nearby Waldport, and swiftly moved some of our plans around to fit this in.


About 15 minutes’ drive north from Yachats, Waldport isn’t quite as picturesque as the former, but a nice place nonetheless. We didn’t spend much time in the city itself, other than our ranger-led experience, which was fantastic.

The workshop took place nearby the Alsea Bay Interpretive Centre, where the very friendly ranger met our group and began explaining Oregon’s legislation regarding crabbing and clamming (for example – do not keep a female crab should you catch one, and if you do, get ready to pay a hefty fine!), sharing his tips for a good catch and showing us how the equipment works.

After getting kitted out with gloves, prawn-tube(!) and a basket for our catch, we made our way to the muddy area near the city’s bridge. Unfortunately the tide wasn’t in our favour and we wouldn’t be able to go crabbing, so the ranger just showed us how to look for prawns (could be used for bait, not to be eaten), and of course my beloved clams!


yachats7 yachats6

Charlie of course LOVED this experience, it was one of his favourite things from the whole trip as nothing can match up to getting mucky by the sea whilst looking for things to eat! Very proudly we managed to catch about 8 big clams (I can’t remember what they’re called!) and about 50 of the small clams, all of which we gave away as they would take to long to soak in preparation for cooking, and we were leaving the next day. To get them you twist a tube into the sand as far as you can go, then putting your thumb over a tiny hole to keep it airtight, pull it out. Up comes a load of sand and hopefully a clam or two. Regardless, it was an experience we will never forget, and Charlie got himself a Junior Ranger badge to show for it!

After returning to Yachats we spent a good amount of time exploring the local ice-cream shop and hanging out in the playground, which was surprisingly big for such a small place. From here, we got to discover some of the Oregon coast’s most famed attractions, including the Sea Lion Caves and Thor’s Well.

Another perfect place to spend a week or so with family, or as a couple.


We had a few pretty bad meals here, and a very good one.

+ Luna Sea Fish House had super fresh fish and seafood, a great atmosphere and was very reasonably priced. We sat in the patio area outside, where they had a father & son band playing, and a fun summer ambience. We really enjoyed the food, nothing to call home about, but it was tasty and well-cooked, and the staff were very friendly.

+ Adler Bistro & Dispensary This was our biggest mistake. The menu looked exciting and fresh, and had matching high prices. The food was sloppy, service was slow and atmosphere was dire. Add to that a hefty price tag and we weren’t happy we decided to come here.


Yachats has a brilliant variety of B&Bs, Guest Houses and camping facilities. We stayed in an airbnb about 10 minutes’ drive from the city, a gorgeous house in a secluded location in the woods with lovely hosts, a kitten, and about 100 chickens (fresh eggs every morning!).

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  • Jetlag and Mayhem

    We did a similar roadtrip a few years ago – love your photos!

  • I love the photos you got! Looks like a really nice place! #MondayEscapes

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    Ah this is where you made it to next. How sweet is that road crossing system, I’ve never heard anything like it! A great experience to go seafood hunting down on the beach, sounds like there is quite an art of it and congratulations on your haul even if you did have to give them away. Hopefully you managed to sample others in the local restaurants. Thank you for sharing Yachats on Country Kids.

  • Those towns look so cute. I love the picture of the dog inside the old van. Didn’t know you needed a bait for crabbing. well, I guess I do not know anything about that topic.

    • one tiny leap

      Nor did I! I don’t think they use the shrimp for crab bait, probably for other sea creatures :p Thank you for stopping by x

  • OMG, I never thought you could catch prawns like that hahaha cool experience though ๐Ÿ˜€
    Amazing photos as always!

    Thank you for joining #MondayEscapes

    • one tiny leap

      Nor did I! It was such fun, as more often than not we caught some ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for hosting #MondayEscapes x

  • There’s something about small seaside towns which I find so attractive! People in this area are mostly more laidback and nicer than the city people which just adds up to the charm of the place.

    I think I will enjoy Yachat!

    • one tiny leap

      I love small seaside towns! You’re absolutely right, people are just so nice and appreciative of where they live ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What a quaint looking town! Thanks for putting it on our radar. And the whole thing about nothing beating getting mucky while looking for things to eat? We boys never outgrow that! From the photos, it looks like you already knew that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • one tiny leap

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s one of the best places we visited on our 6 month US roadtrip, definitely worth a stop if you’re planning an Oregon roadtrip.

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  • Jenny Eaves

    Finding clams sound amazing, what a simple idea that even small children can do it, love that your son got a badge for it as well! The flag for crossing the road system is a great idea, although I doubt that the flags would stay by the road here! I loved the Gilmore Girls when I was younger, lovely that there really are towns that are similar.
    Thank you very much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Life Unexpected

    Oh wow clam catching sounds really interesting. I love the Gilmore Girls, I’m desperate to explore America and your blog is going to be the first place to go when I finally convince my other half to do it with me! It’s so lovely that they actually have towns like that and with the flags to cross the roads too! Thank you so much for linking this up to #whatevertheweather x

  • YACHATS!!! This is my place on the Oregon Coast. I almost don’t want to share it because I love it so much. I’m sorry I didn’t know you were eating there – my favorite is the Drift Inn – some of my favorite fish tacos on the planet. And really I would also recommend crabbing – rent a few pots and buy some bait up at the Alsea Port – plunk them right off the dock – fresh Dungeness crab for dinner! Oregon Coast staple. Did you go to Newport? Mo’s Famous Chowder is a classic. You are making me miss my state – glad we have a visit planned for this summer! Cheers for now from Copenhagen!

    • one tiny leap

      I know what you mean about sharing it! I wish we lived closer and could call this our summer place, everything about it was perfect. We tried to go crabbing, but it wasn’t the right time so ended up clamming instead, which was a great experience for my (then) 3 year old! The Oregon coast is one of the best places we’ve visited, so beautifully maintained and the landscape is unbelievable! I hope you have a great time this summer, I’m looking forward to following your trip ๐Ÿ™‚