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Yellowstone : 7 Unmissable Sights

Yellowstone is a world of its own. A geological wonder that has been wowing visitors for generations, many of whom come back time and time again to witness some of Earth’s most dramatic landscapes. It was unquestionably the place we most wanted to visit on our trip, and it didn’t disappoint.

After years of watching documentaries and reading about this majestic National Park, we were finally going to see it. Charlie was pretty excited too! It’s not often that you find yourself looking for bears on a super-volcano, among some 300 geysers – you heard me right, 300!

To show you just how mind-blowing it is, I’ve put together my favourite 7 sights in Yellowstone.


yellowstone-factsThe Old Faithful geyser is definitely the most famous non-animal attraction in Yellowstone, and one of the first things people go and see when they arrive at the park. I know we did.

Located at the Upper Geyser Basin, Old Faithful erupts in a very timely manner, every 90 minutes, give or take 15 minutes or so. The view of the geyser rising up in the air in all its glory is something that has to be experienced. Truly incredible and worth the ‘hype’.



morningglory_lres3 morningglory_lres2





One of the most emblematic images of Yellowstone, the Morning Glory pool  is located in the Upper Geyser area of the park. The hot spring used to have a strong blue colour, which has changed into shades of green and blue with orange edge, as tourists unfortunately kept throwing trash and debris into the spring which has partially blocked it and lowered its temperature, allowing for microorganisms to live there.

Read more about the Morning Glory’s colour transformation.


Yellowstone LakeYellowstone Lake

yellowstone-factsYellowstone Lake has over 100 miles of shoreline, and is the largest mountain lake in America, and is the second largest fresh water lake in the world.

The lake is also home to various hot springs, which you can see at West Thumb’s Basin, some of which lay under the cold water, slowly bubbling away such as the wonderful Fishing Cone. In the past, people used to be able to catch their fish at the lake and cook it straight in the hot spring – so awesome!





The Lamar Valley is one of those places you never want to leave. Not because its natural beauty is a geological feat, but because this is where you’re most likely to spot herds of bison, elk and if you’re lucky wolves and coyotes roaming in this stunning valley.

We spent hours watching bison playing and fighting in the plains, caught the sunset and managed to spot some antelope. The elk didn’t fancy showing up, but we were lucky enough to see them on our way home, by the river near the west entrance.


Yellowstone Canyon

Yellowstone Canyon

yellowstone-factsThe Yellowstone Canyon and lower falls are truly a striking sight. The result of several enormous volcanic eruptions that happened in Yellowstone 600,000 years ago, the canyon has been sculpted throughout thousands of years.

We explored the South Rim, and walked the trail to the Artists’ Point from which you can see the Canyon’s dramatic formation, with the river flowing through it, and the falls behind. 




mammothspringsmamothsprings mammothsprings2




yellowstone-factsThe Mammoth Hot Springs are located at the north of the park, and are most well known for their signature travertine terraces, which have been formed by hot springs that rise to the surface and leave limestone in formations that resemble ‘stairs’.

The stark contrast between the snowy-white limestone, and the orange and yellow travertine make for the most incredible sight.
















Located in the Porcelain Basin in the Norris Geyser basin, the Colloidal Pool is a hot spring that features a beautiful milky blue colour, and is shaped as a figure eight. The Colloidal Pool’s calming and ethereal waters contrast with the raw and severe background, and seem slightly surreal – beautiful.

Norris Basin is also where you can find Steamboat Norris, the tallest active geyser in the world!


More information about Yellowstone:

Yellowstone National Park Website

 Download the National Park’s full map of Yellowstone NP & Grand Teton

Prepare your Yellowstone family trip with these wonderful resources


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  • Yellowstone is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go – your photos are amazing, even more tempted now and what a useful mini guide. #countrykids

    • one tiny leap

      Thanks Cathy, it really is out of this world and a one of a kind place. 🙂

  • Tracey S

    Wow it looks amazing and your photos show it beautifully, would love to visit someday 🙂

    • one tiny leap

      Thanks Tracey 🙂

  • Donna Wishart

    This place looks truly beautiful and is definitely on the list of places I’d love to visit in my lifetime x

    • one tiny leap

      Absolutely is… it was our top place to see in the US and rightly so 🙂 x

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    What a treat to visit this amazing part of America. I’ve always fancied going there and even more so after seeing all your stunning photos. It sounds like it really is worth all the hype. I love the story of fishing in the lake and cooking them in on the hot springs. Such an such an incredible adventure you are having, I can’t imagine where you will go next but I look forward to seeing. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids

    • one tiny leap

      It is SO worth the hype, though it’s very busy, much more than I had expected. Can you imagine cooking your lunch in yellowstone lake – what an experience that would’ve been! Thank you for hosting #CountryKids 🙂

      • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

        My pleasure, you don’t get their sense of other people there from your photos you must have found some quiet spots too

  • Ruth Rieckehoff

    This is more than awesome! The pictures blew my mind, so, I do not know how I would react if I visit. Love all the variety and colors. In your opinion, how many days are needed to make the park justice (this may be a very difficult questions)?

    • one tiny leap

      It was incredible! We were there for 5 days, but took it very easy, and didn’t do any massive hikes. We did however stay late (after sunset) and spend a whole lot of time driving around hoping to see wildlife around the lamar valley area. I think if you’re going to see the main sights, and only doing 2 or 3 small hikes, then 3 full days is more than enough. I found it very easy to explore as the park’s road is set as a figure eight and makes it easy to get around. Expect lots of ‘traffic jams’ as people will just stop in the middle of the road if they see any type of wildlife. Hope that helps!

  • Really love your images and your explanation – yes, the sight and your images blow my mind!

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you so much Indah! One of the best weeks we’ve had 🙂

  • Gin

    Visiting Yellowstone was mind blowing indeed, this is such a special place ! A bit out of this world 🙂 The picture of Mammoth hot springs is simply gorgeous !

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you, it really is something else isn’t it? I’d love to go back when our son is a little older and can do some proper hikes 🙂

  • Im so glad I got the chance to live so close to here for a while! So beautiful!! Your pictures are beautiful!! #MondayEscapes

    • one tiny leap

      You did? That’s so lucky, where did you live? Thank you for stopping by 🙂 x

  • These pics of Yellowstone are quite breath-taking! I went when I was young but didn’t appreciate the trip at the time. Now I’d totally go again, and remember it this time!

    • one tiny leap

      Thank you Jessica 🙂 Yes, I think Charlie was excited about the ‘volcanos’ and Geysers but obviously didn’t quite take it all in. We alk about it all the time to try and keep those memories in 🙂

  • Jenny Eaves

    I’ve always wanted to visit Yellowstone, but will definitely be putting this right to the top of the list now! Your pictures are amazing, it’s the most spectacular natural place. 🙂 x

  • Maria, what can I say a fantastic and comprehensive list about Yellowstone Sights. I want to be there now! I love the look of all of them, but the Morning Glory Pool is just out of this world. Excellent post and photos as always. Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

  • Sherry

    Oh my goodness, what amazing pictures and an amazing adventure! It’s not somewhere I’d have thought to go but would definitely be on my list should I do a travel journey #whatevertheweather

  • MIND. BLOWN! Maria I shouldn’t really read your blog, the main reason being that you are now making me want to roadtrip around America. I was always very sure that I would NEVER want to visit the US. But with sites like these it seems beautiful and amazing.
    Your photos are stunning, as always xx

  • So many stunning photos! I visited Yellowstone about 8 years ago and it is incredible, lovely to be reminded how amazing it is, thanks for sharing 🙂 xx #whatevertheweather

  • Life Unexpected

    You are so lucky to have visited here. This is incredible. You’re pictures are amazing. I always look forward to seeing where you have visited next. I’d love to go traveling like this one day. The morning glory pool is unreal. I can’t believe things like this exist in the world. Yellowstone is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. Thank you so much for linking this up to #whatevertheweather . This post is breath-taking! x

  • Jenny Eaves

    I’ve already commented through #MondayEscapes, but just adding this to say I looove your photos and thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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