Home Travel DestinationsEurope Why you need to go on a family ski trip to Val d’Isere – by a 6 year old

Why you need to go on a family ski trip to Val d’Isere – by a 6 year old

Why you need to go on a family ski trip to Val d’Isere – by a 6 year old

When we started thinking of our first family ski holiday in Val d’Isere with Mark Warner, I worried about what we needed to pack (everything!), the logistics of the flights, transfers, ski hire, etc, whether or not I would break anything as a first-timer 35 year old, but most importantly whether my six year old would either love it or hate it. Luckily, it was the former, and he has not stopped talking about the skiing since!

Instead of putting his excitement into my words, I thought I’d let him tell you exactly why this was ‘the best holiday EVER!’.  If you fancy our grown-up review, you can read what we thought of the Chalet Val d’Isere with Mark Warner here, but for an unfiltered six year old review keep on reading! This has been typed by him, so please show him (and his typos) some love.

Why you should go skiing with your kids, by a six year old

There was one trillion thousand bits of snow when we got there, it kept snowing for days and the snow on the streets was bigger than me.

Skiing School

After breakfast Jess (child care teacher) took Me to skiing school where I met the other children .  It was my first time skiing.I went on the button lift (a type of lift) with my friend Oliver.

My favourite thing about skiing:

My favourite about skiing was the green and blue runs (a type of racetrack) because it feels like I’m going through a torpedo.I also like doing some turns because you go quite fast.

The hotel

The thing I’ve loved the most about the hotel was the kids club because there are lots of toys, the teachers helped me hand make a game.

I also loved the breakfast because I learnt how to make toast.

The Mountains

I liked about the mountains, that you can get a bubble lift (a type of lift) to the mountains and you can get hot chocolate at the top. You can see the village from very high up, the air was colder the snow was quite fluffy and you can go on different lifts, like the Glacier.

I went with my daddy to ski on the St Jacques piste, which was really fun because we accidentally went on this one instead of a different one, and it was very fun because my daddy thought I was going on a big hole but I just went around it, but my daddy, he went in the hole. My mummy was quite good, but she still fell in the Madeleine run, which is a green.

So here you go! I  hope you’ve enjoyed reading my son’s account of our ski holiday – there’s certainly quite a bit he’s missed, but I do love listening to the things that he remembers.

nb: We were invited to travel with Mark Warner as part of their Ambassador programme, but as always, all views are our own.

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